What’s Trending at the Green Beagle Lodge?

Hello to all my Bing Buddies, Thought you might be interested in the top 10 things trending at the Green Beagle Lodge! 10. Turf Rubbing or good old fashioned back scratching 9. Sam Perkins, our 1st official Beagle Boarder 8. Puppy Love with Sean and Sophie 7. "Peepin'" Athena...wad up? 6. Tug-a-War Fun! 5. Nahla, [...]

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Where is Bing?

Hello to all my Bing Aficionados (Bing Challenge #1-Vocab word) The other day at my home away from home, the Green Beagle Lodge, I was reading a wonderful email sent out by delightful Debbie and her director, David, one dynamic duo at the Green Beagle Lodge. (enough with the alliteration already...) See below: But it [...]

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