“As the Lodge Turns” Episode 6: Bing the Beagle and the Magical Dog

On this episode of “As the Lodge Turns”…

How does this dog know who I am?!

She was able to stop a heated fight with her presence alone, and to relax Scarlett of all dogs! Maybe she has magic powers? I’ve always wanted to meet a dog with special abilities…but wait! What if she can manipulate the minds of other dogs, and that’s why Lucy and Scarlett calmed down?

I catch her staring at me with dark, hypnotic eyes. Oh no! What if she tries to control me?!

“Don’t use your scary powers on me, please!” I bark, tripping over my paws as I back away from the fence.
All three of them tilt their heads to the side in response to my frenzy.

“Powers? I think I may have missed something,” the strange dog says, her tail wagging slowly.

“Hmph! I am under the impression that Bing is attempting to draw attention to himself in a rather tawdry fashion,” Scarlett says in a low bark, almost as if she’s jealous.

“I’m afraid I’ve scared you, Bing,” the giantess says, inviting me to return with a press of her nose to the fence. “My name is Tatyana, and I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any scary powers. That I know of.”

Tatyana! It sounds exotic and mysterious – a fitting name for this dog that seems to know everything.

“Nice to meet you! But…how do you know who I am?”

Tatyana’s tail wags faster, and her eyes glitter with amusement. “I think the whole yard knows who you are, after these ladies barked your name so loudly!”

Lucy hangs her head a little in shame, while Scarlett avoids eye contact at the mention of their altercation.
“But I knew who you were before. I’ve been coming to the Lodge for a long time, so I know all the regulars. And I was intrigued when I heard you trying to befriend our Scarlett last week…” Tatyana says, touching her nose to the top of Scarlett’s head.

I’m surprised I didn’t notice Tatyana on my first day at the Lodge; she stays in the yard with the smaller dogs and puppies, so a dog her size would definitely stick out. I must have been so focused on the dog of my dreams that I wasn’t paying attention to anything else…how embarrassing!

“Woah! What’s that on your toenails, Tatyana?” Lucy exclaims suddenly, stretching her neck towards the fence.
When I look at her paws I notice her nails are green! Sometimes Mom’s nails are colorful, but I’ve never seen a dog with them…

“Are you sure you’re not magical?” I ask, eyeing her bright nails with suspicion.

“Mom paints my nails with this colorful stuff for the holidays. She always makes me feel pampered! The collar I’m wearing now was a Christmas gift,” she says, turning her head a little so we can see it shining on her neck.

“Wow! I wish my dad would do that for me,” Lucy says with a heavy sigh. “He only ever wants to play ball.”

“But that’s nice too,” Tatyana reassures her. “Anything our parents do for us shows how much we’re loved.”

Scarlett suddenly gets to her feet and tries to leave us without a word, but Tatyana moves quickly to block her path.
Tatiana & Lochsie
“Scarlett, you haven’t apologized to Lucy yet, and she hasn’t apologized to you,” Tatyana says, lightly nudging her towards the fence.

“Well, I will not do so until she admits that she was wrong,” Scarlett says with a haughty little bark.

“I don’t think I was wrong, but I’ll apologize anyway for hurting your feelings…” Lucy says, rising to her paws.

The look on Scarlett’s face makes it clear to all of us that she wasn’t expecting that answer. Her open mouth twitches at the corners as she struggles in vain for the right words.

“…then I too wish to apologize if your feelings were hurt…by my telling the truth…” Scarlett adds before escaping from Tatyana.

“Thanks anyway,” Lucy says, dropping into a play bow with a wagging tail. “I’m amazed I got her to say that at all!”
She sees a friend run into the yard and leaves us to say hello. Tatyana and I stand there shaking our heads for a few seconds.

“I wish you were on our side of the fence,” I say at last, and for a moment I regret it. There must be a reason she isn’t in here with us.

“It seems like you all have a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t want to leave my yard. I like spending time with the puppies…and the dogs that still have a little growing up to do,” she says, turning to look at Scarlett with a smile.

“You have a lot of patience!”

Her eyes are staring somewhere beyond the fence, and the trees. I wonder what she sees…

“I was a bit like Scarlett when I first came here. At home, I didn’t get along well with my siblings…and when Mom brought me to the Lodge, I used to hide. I was afraid, being with so many new dogs. I was worried they might not like me…Then they put me in with the smaller dogs…but I was still on edge. It took a while, but I think helping with the puppies gave me something else to focus on. Suddenly…I didn’t have the time to be afraid!”

She turns her head towards me. Her gaze is filled with…understanding.

“Keep trying, Bing. Scarlett rejects everyone before they have the chance to reject her. And I know how hard it is to be afraid,” Tatyana says in a quiet, but strong, bark.

Tatyana is magical, I’m sure of it now. She sees things so clearly…

“Bing! Come here, boy!”

It’s the girl who brought me into the yard earlier! But I only just got here, didn’t I?

Every day at the Green Beagle Lodge seems too short…

…to be continued…