“As the Lodge Turns” Episode 2: Bing the Beagle…in Love?!

 On this episode of “As the Lodge Turns”…

There she is, the most beautiful dog in the world!


Her long body, delicate features, and soft, golden fur catch the morning sunlight, and the glow attracts my eye from the other side of the fence. She is in a group with smaller dogs who keep a respectful distance from her, as though she is a queen.

I would recognize that sweet face anywhere…


A few weeks ago my parents took me to the park, where I saw her from afar. She was lounging under a tree with her mom, who was stretching out her legs after a run.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’d never come across a dog who looked so perfect, so kind, so intelligent, so shiny…but Mom and Dad made me keep walking on the trail. I could only watch as she receded to a speck of gold far behind me.

Imagine my surprise when she suddenly appears before me, a fence the only thing to keep us apart!

“Bing? Aren’t you coming?”

Lucy’s cheerful bark retrieves me from my reverie. She’s paused just ahead, tail wagging vigorously as she waits for me to follow her.

“Yes, but…” I say before I’m interrupted by a turn of the golden lady’s head. Her dark eyes meet mine, and for a moment I’m afraid she’s seen right through me.

It’s now or never, I realize. This isn’t the time to be a shy beagle, Bing!

“H-Hello…miss! Nice weather, am I right?”


My bark is a pathetic squeak that catches in my throat, not at all like the strong, deep, magnificent one I imagined would come out. Shut-eyed and tense-muscled I wait for her reply, sure that she’ll want nothing to do with me now.

For what feels like forever she keeps me on edge, waiting for the smallest sound. Reluctantly I open my eyes and find, to my horror, that she has been staring at me the entire time.

Her mouth opens…

All of a sudden she turns her head away, as if she hasn’t heard me say anything. Or worse, as if she doesn’t have any interest in what I said!

Lucy trots closer to my side, concern in her eyes. She touches her wet nose to the top of my head. Is she trying to comfort me?

“Oh Bing…don’t feel too bad. Scarlett doesn’t like anyone but herself,” she says, reassuring me with a playful nudge.

Her name is Scarlett? It sounds so dignified!

“Besides, she looks like a hotdog! Even her mom thinks so – she dressed her up as one for Halloween last year.”

“Maybe it was a misunderstanding…maybe she just didn’t hear me?” I ask, looking up at Lucy for her honest opinion.

“Look, Bing. Scarlett’s been coming here longer than a lot of the dogs at The Green Beagle. It makes her feel like she’s more important than the rest of us. Do you really want to waste your time on her?”

I know Lucy must be right, deep down, but I can’t bear the thought of a dog I’ve never met hating me! Especially the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen…

“You there!”

A bark like a wind-chime. It can only belong to her, to Scarlett!

I see her as soon as I turn around, standing near the fence, a breeze playing with her golden locks.

She wants to talk to me?

“Y-Yes?” I stutter, sticking my chest out a bit.


Scarlett’s dark eyes are full of some powerful emotion. There’s something she wants me to know, something she thinks I need to know. I’m so anxious I can’t breathe!

Her mouth opens and she says…

to be continued