“As the Lodge Turns” Episode 12: Bing’s Confession?!

 On this episode of “As the Lodge Turns”…


As I cautiously approach Lucy my paws seem to grow heavier. Am I that afraid to go through with Scarlett’s plan?

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But yesterday she was convinced that this would be the only way to cure me of my confusion. Scarlett laid her strategy before me in self-assured barks:

“I will sacrifice my precious time to distract Max when he first arrives at the Lodge. This maneuver will undoubtedly give you ample opportunities to make your feelings known. Once she has made you aware of her decision, I’m afraid there is nothing more you will be able to do. But at the very least your hopes shall no longer be wasted.”


Wasted hopes? She thinks I’m marching to the end!

Scarlett is right, though. I have to know how Lucy feels before Max confesses, otherwise I won’t be able to root for him with all my heart.

Not knowing is tearing me apart…

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Lucy sits up as she catches my scent, or maybe as she feels the vibrations of my heavy steps.


“Bing! How’s it going?”

Her bright face and wagging tail lighten the load I’ve been carrying since yesterday, and I nearly blurt out everything I’m feeling.

“I-I’m in l-love – with this weather!” I say before my traitorous tongue can spill my secret.

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Her head tilts to one side. “Do you feel okay, Bing? You seem a little different this morning.”

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This is going to be harder than I thought…

“What are you talking about? I could run a mile!”

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“I wonder…”

“Really, I’m fine! You’re worrying for nothing!”

Lucy’s concerned eyes remain unchanged in spite of my declarations. I’ll have to prove it then…



“See? Same old me!” I say, rolling around frantically on the ground.

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“‘Same old?’ Now I’m sure you’re sick,” Lucy says, peering down at me.

“Well look a little closer, you’ll see I’m just the same as –!”

Suddenly Lucy touches her nose to mine. My beagle heart erupts in my chest!

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“Your nose seems a little dry, but if you say you feel okay then…”

Is that relief I hear in her bark? She was that worried about me? My tail begins to wag in spite of my nerves. Of course she was worried. She cares about all of us…

“Lucy, there’s something I need to talk to you about –”

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Out of the corner of my eye I see Max enter the yard. As soon as he sees us he launches into a run…

German S walking

“Oh dear! What is a poor beauty to do? My paw, oh, I declare, my paw is positively twisted!”

Scarlett’s feigned wail isn’t very convincing, but her loud bark catches Max’s attention.

“Oh, oh, oh! If only there were some gallant dog, some noble dog, some large dog, perhaps a German Shepherd, who could save me in my time of distress!”


Max stops buying it and continues towards us.


“You there! MAX!”


The grimace on his face is visible from where we’re standing. The whole yard snickers as he lumbers angrily to the fence with his tail between his legs. Scarlett shoots me a look that seems to say, “Hurry your confession along! I shall not endure this mockery for a second longer!”


“That’s weird! I didn’t know they were that close,” Lucy says, an amused expression on her face. “What were you saying, Bing?”

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I stare at my paws, then at Lucy, and then back at my paws. If I don’t say it now, will I ever be able to say it?

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“Lucy, I was wondering…if there are any dogs you like?”

She beams at me. “Of course! I like every dog in this yard! Well, except Scarlett, but if she really needed help I wouldn’t ignore –”

“What I mean is…do you like me, Lucy?”

Her eyes widen.

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to be continued