“As the Lodge Turns” Episode 16: There’s a Monster at the Lodge?!

 On this episode of “As the Lodge Turns”…

This morning when we arrive at the Lodge, Mom talks to one of the nice ladies at the front desk for a little longer than usual, which gives me the perfect opportunity to explore the lobby!

chief in door


An odd scent catches my attention and my nose leads me to a strange door; usually when I come to the Lodge Mom hands me over to one of the human helpers immediately, so I’ve never really noticed it before…

chief lead4


The weird smell intensifies the closer I get to the door, but I still can’t tell what it’s coming from. I shove my snout into the space between the door and the floor, trying to determine what could possibly be inside.

chief sniffing under door



chief sniffing under door2

I’m shocked by a set of small, sharp claws pawing at me from under the door! I narrowly escape getting my poor nose scratched and race back to hide between Mom’s legs.


She reaches down and gives my head a pat, but it’s not enough to make me feel safe…not after I was nearly killed by a monster!

chief walking1

“Come on, Bing, let’s go see your friends!” says one of the human helpers, taking my leash.

As I enter the yard, Lucy comes running to meet me.

Running photo 8

“Good morning, Bing!” she says in a cheerful bark.

“Yes…it is…” I say, dropping to the turf. Fear courses through every nerve of my beagle body, and I can’t keep my paws from shaking.


Lucy tilts her head to one side and looks at me with concern. It seems like I’m always making her worry about me…

“Did something happen? You seem kind of shaky!”

I look her straight in the eye. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but if any dog will understand, it’s Lucy…


“Lucy, I don’t mean to scare you, but…there’s a monster at the Lodge!”

Her eyes widen. “Are you sure? Where did you see it?”

“There’s a door in the lobby, near the fish tank, and inside…there’s a terrifying monster with huge, sharp talons! And it smells horrible too!”


Lucy’s concern fades into a small smile.

“You must be talking about the Cattery,” a sinister voice whispers in my ear.



My nerves can’t handle much more of this…

Max rolls around on the turf, laughing hysterically at my expense. I nip at his ears for payback!

“Sorry Bing, but you should have seen the way you were shaking! You need to lighten up a little,” he says, sniffing at his paw.

“Thanks a lot, Max! So…what is the ‘Cattery’?” I ask, steeling myself for any answer, no matter how horrible. With a scary name like that, the monster inside must be truly fearsome…

“No one knows for sure,” Max says in a low bark, “but I’ll tell you one thing: no dog is allowed inside.”

“W-Why not?”


Lucy sits next to me, shaking a little. Even she’s scared now!

“Well, I can’t promise you the stories are true,” he says, closing his eyes, “but if you really want to know…there’s a rumor that dogs used to go in there…”

Lucy and I lean forward in anticipation.

Pita12 - Copy


“One warm, sunny day, a lot like this one, a dog entered the Cattery by himself. But when it was time to go home, he was nowhere to be found. It was like he vanished…and when they checked the Cattery they couldn’t find him. Not even his collar!”

Cat & aquarium

Lucy and I leap to our feet in fright. Max opens one eye and smirks at us.


“Bing, you’re lucky to be alive. Stay away from the Cattery, got it?”

He doesn’t need to tell me twice!

On the way out of the Lodge, Mom walks me past the Cattery, and though I try to stay as far away from it as possible, I can’t help but sneak a look at that terrifying place where dogs are forbidden.

chief leaving2

chief leaving1



Suddenly I’m aware of the pair of glowing yellow eyes staring at me through the glass of the fish tank!

Cat fish lr

It’s the monster! And there’s more than one! A few of them sit there, their eyes glittering wickedly like they’re going to get me!

cattery 2

The fur along my spine rises and a weak, huffing bark escapes my throat. I hope I look big and threatening!

chief howling at A

“Bing, you don’t like cats, huh?” Mom asks with a laugh.



 …to be continued…