“As the Lodge Turns” Episode 5: Bing the Beagle and the Fight?!

On this episode of “As the Lodge Turns”…

For the past two days I’ve stayed at home, and so I’d almost given up hope of ever returning to the Green Beagle Lodge. But this morning, to my amazement, Mom picked me up and put me in the car with her!
This time I trot confidently into the yard, looking around for Lucy and Max. There she is! Lucy is running up and down a table next to the side of the building, tail wagging and eyes bright as soon as she notices me.

We’ve barely sniffed each other when Lucy drops to a play bow and chases me through the yard. Two days away from the Green Beagle has made me appreciate the fresh air filled with all kinds of new smells and the wide, open space to explore. I love my house, but my toys and Mom and Dad’s pillows aren’t nearly this exciting!
When we move close to one of the fences, I spy Scarlett floating gracefully over the ground, her long, golden fur drawing my eye like a beacon. Will she be angry if I call out to her?

“Princess Scarlett! How are you today?”

At first she acts as though she hasn’t heard me, but she still approaches us from her side of the yard.

“Perfect, as I always am,” Scarlett says with a little toss of her head. “You should no longer have any need to inquire about my state of being.”
Lucy cocks her head to one side. “Bing, what did she say?”

“Bing, you may translate if you wish. I forget that common dogs such as her are incapable of comprehending the simplest of sentences,” Scarlett says with a haughty bark.

“This ‘common dog’ understands just fine, actually,” Lucy says, her usually friendly face transformed by irritation. “I was hoping I heard you wrong!”

I notice that they are slowly closing the distance between them, so that their noses are almost touching the fence. Thank goodness there’s something to keep them from hurting each other!

“Do you have any idea with whom you are conversing? Remember your place!” Scarlett says, barking loudly enough for every dog at the Green Beagle to hear.

“Of course I do! You never let anyone forget that you’ve been coming to the Green Beagle longer than most of us!” Lucy snaps, the fur on her back rising.

“Please stop…there’s no need to fight over something so…” I say in a feeble attempt to halt the escalating argument. But neither Lucy nor Scarlett acknowledges a word I’ve said!

“You’re merely jealous of my beautiful coat! Even the most obtuse of curs can see the truth,” Scarlett barks, turning to look at me.

Me? Obtuse?

“Jealous? Not all dogs are as petty as you!” Lucy replies with a deep bark. “And Bing knows I’m not that kind of…”

“Shall we learn Bing’s thoughts on the matter?”

“If that’s what it takes to prove you wrong!”

Oh no…

“BING! Which one of us is right?!” they bark in unison, staring at me with a terrifying fury in their dark eyes.

“I…well, that is…I think it’s just…sometimes it’s difficult to…”

I’m saved at the last second by a huge, very fluffy dog on Scarlett’s side of the fence. She stands over Scarlett, and looks back and forth between them.
Tatiana & Lochsie
“Girls, why are you fighting? I’ve met puppies with better manners,” the giantess says, pushing her nose to the fence.

“I’ll kindly ask that you cease standing over me,” Scarlett says with as much as respect as she can muster.

“You seem upset. I’ll stay right here until you relax,” the large dog says, sniffing a little at the top of Scarlett’s head.
Scarlett growls a little for show, but the fur on her back falls flat. Lucy sits without a sound, and we all remain silent for a few moments. It’s amazing that this dog was able to stop their fight with a few words and her gentle, calming presence.

“You must be Bing,” she says, opening her mouth to take in my scent.
How does this dog know my name…?!