“As the Lodge Turns” Episode 58: Sisters Are the Worst?!

On this episode of “As the Lodge Turns”…


It’s been almost a year since my dad started dating Scarlett’s mom, but even after being forced to spend countless hours together, the two of us still don’t seem to understand each other. On walks through the park I’ll try to get her to play, but she acts like she can’t be bothered. Our parents throw Frisbees and tennis balls for us to catch, but she prefers to lie in the shade and watch.

And that’s just one example! Whenever they come to our house, Scarlett turns up her nose at my food. What’s wrong with what I eat? Dad picks it out, and I can confirm that he has very good taste!

When our parents watch movies on the couch, I sit on the floor beside them. But not Scarlett – she sits snugly between them like a little golden wedge. She even gets to eat their snacks sometimes!

Seeing the three of them together, happy and smiling, makes me feel lonely…like they don’t really need me around…

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I need to stop being so negative! I’m always telling Bing that he worries too much, but apparently I’m not any better. I know that Dad loves me, and I think Scarlett’s mom likes me too. Scarlett though…

Well, how would I know if she did? She’s not even nice to Max…

A pair of dogs race past me, followed by several more. I think about joining them for a second, but my paws remain rooted to the ground. Scarlett would say these kinds of chase games are far too common, probably with a prim yawn and an upturned snout. I’d hate to hear what she thinks of the players.

Why do I even care what Scarlett thinks of me, anyway?

“Are you playing with that?”


I’m surprised by a quiet bark from my left side, but I’m even more surprised by the owner of that bark. Roxy, who is usually so energetic and playful, stares at the tennis ball behind my leg with a tired expression on her curly face.

“This? No, I’m not,” I say, gently batting the ball in her direction.

“Thanks,” she says, her bark weary as she starts chewing.

Something must really be bothering her. I’ve never seen her look so unenthusiastic over a tennis ball before!

“Did something happen, Roxy? You seem a little down,” I say, taking a few slow steps towards her.

Her ear flicks, but she doesn’t look at me.

“I’m not trying to be nosy. Just…if there’s anything you need to get off your chest, I’d be happy to listen,” I offer, stopping in front of her feet.

At first I expect her to ignore me again, but to my great surprise, she suddenly leaps backward. Her long legs bounce on the turf with ease, almost as if someone has filled them with air. She looks at me with lively eyes, and thankfully, the melancholy that seemed stuck to her face has changed to a fiery indignation.

“Lucy, do you have a sister?” she asks, spitting the last word with feeling.

Hmm. Not what I was expecting her to say…


“Well…I had a female littermate, but I don’t see her very often. I have the house to myself,” I say, not quite sure of the answer she wants.

She huffs loudly. “Then you wouldn’t understand! They’re the worst!”

Now I see! Roxy must have had a fight with her sister, Molly.

“Did you and Molly have a falling out? I’m sure it’s nothing you two can’t resolve,” I say with a bark that rings hollow when I see that it has only fanned Roxy’s fury.

“I don’t think so! She’s the one with the problem, not me. Every time I try to play with her, she acts like I’m the most annoying dog ever! She even sits on me! Can you believe that? Sitting on your own sister like she’s a bug you want to squish,” Roxy cries, her bark a breathless list of wrongdoings.

I’ll admit, that does sound pretty bad. Roxy is just trying to play and have fun with the sister she loves, but Molly won’t make any effort to reciprocate. Doesn’t she know how much she’s hurting Roxy’s feelings?

I have to help them, but how…?

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Molly sitting close to the fence, her brown and cream fur glowing in the sunlight. Maybe if they have a third dog to moderate their discussion they’ll be able to work things out.

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“Roxy, let’s go talk to Molly. I’ll be there to make sure she takes your complaints seriously,” I say, my tail beginning to wag.

Roxy noticeably perks up. “Would you really?”

“Of course! I hate seeing you two on the outs,” I say, leading us towards the fence where Molly is still lounging comfortably.

It is only a few feet later when I realize Molly has been talking with another dog about her problems with Roxy, and because that dog is so tiny, I wasn’t able to see her from the other end of the yard.

Scarlett’s dark eyes stare up at me, issuing a silent challenge.

This may not be as easy as I thought…

…to be continued…