Dear Friends,

I’m writing you this postcard from Acadia, Maine, where my Bus friends have been having an amazing time the past few days!

Acadia 4

After our harrowing adventures at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we spent some time in the urban wilderness that is New York City. The drive from North Carolina to Maine was very long, so we broke the trip into two days of travel; I’ve never been somewhere so packed with people! The past few weeks I’d gotten used to being mostly alone out in the forests and along the coast, so the visit to New York was a bit of a shock!

The following morning we drove all the way up to Maine and set up camp quickly because it was late. We did a little hiking, and because it was my Bus friend Rob Jordan’s birthday, the group took him out for a lobster dinner afterwards – I prefer beef and chicken, but they told me Maine has the best seafood!

The next day our adventures at Acadia National Park began. Known for its incredible biodiversity and Cadillac Mountain, the tallest on the Atlantic coast, Acadia offers visitors breathtaking scenery and lots of trails for hiking.

Acadia 1

The weather at Acadia was so comfortable after all the exploring we did in the Florida heat at the start of our trip. Not to mention we didn’t have to deal with all those annoying bugs and mosquitos that love the humidity! We’ve also really enjoyed the stunning views we’ve had on our hikes; the air, water, and land were so clean and natural that the environment seemed to refresh us as we walked.

Acadia 3

One time we woke up around 3 A.M. to watch the sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain, where the sunlight first hits the United States every morning. It was amazing to see the sun coming up and to know that we were the first ones to see the start of the new day… It’s been one of our favorite moments on the trip so far!

Acadia 2

Acadia 5

While doing some more hiking we met a few travelers who were at Acadia trying to get away from the frantic pace of everyday life. I can understand how they felt – being here has really lifted my spirits and renewed my energy, especially after coming from a place as crowded as New York City.

Today we drove around a beautiful loop of road, stopping to climb rocks along the seashore. While we were staring out over the Atlantic we actually spotted a whale! None of us had ever seen one in the wild before – I had no idea an animal as big and majestic as that even existed!

Our next and final stop is Shenandoah National Park in Virginia – I can’t wait to share our last adventure with you!

Wish you were here,