Beagle on Board: The Bus Visits Congaree National Park


July 3rd, 2016

Dear Friends,

Our journey is off to a great start! I’m writing to you from Congaree National Park in South Carolina, the first stop on our tour of the eastern U.S. National Parks.

Congaree 1

Congaree National Park has been a protected site since the 1970s, thanks to efforts by the Sierra Club and locals to stop logging in the area, and was declared a National Park in 2003. The park contains the largest preserved old-growth bottomland hardwood forest in the southeastern United States and spans an impressive 27,000 acres.

Congaree 2

Our first night here was my very first time camping! It was really fun to sleep under the stars – there were so many new smells and sounds that I could hardly keep my eyes closed! Unfortunately James, the director of our documentary, became sick during the night and had to go to the hospital; we were very worried but he’s doing better now.

Congaree 4

We’ve spent the past few days hiking and taking in all the beautiful trees. There are some that are even taller than my house! We’ve gotten to explore a lot of the giant old growth forests in the park during our visit, and even had the chance to talk to a park ranger about his experiences.

Congaree 3

Yesterday I got a little excited about exploring and before I knew it I was separated from my Bus friends! Luckily one of the park rangers found me sitting on a ledge and brought me to the visitor center where I was able to meet up with everyone. I was a little embarrassed, but I’m happy I got to see more of the gorgeous views while I was lost!

Today we’re off to the Everglades for a few days, and even though I’m sad to leave, I’m so excited to see what new adventures await us!

Wish you were here,


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