Hello Loyal Followers (and you out there??)

Bing here from Green Beagle Lodge , the newly opened (3 weeks), absolutely fabulous pet boarding facility in Chapel Hill. Sorry I’ve been rather silent for the last few months, but it’s taken all my formidable Beagle energy to keep everybody on track to get this place open and ready for my canine friends. But Bing is Back…and ready to let you in on what’s going on at the Lodge.

For starters…the place is ‘da bomb! The yards are massive and broken down into different break out areas to accommodate multiple play groups. My dog friends can play happily and safely with like minded canines. The Green Beagle Lodge staff is ever present to throw a ball, give a hug or deter the occasional pesky pup who insists on over sniffing (if you get my drift…).

The jewel of our outdoor playground is our pool and water park.  pool photo 2   If water is your thing (must admit…not something I dabble in…except for an occasional toe dip), the Green Beagle Lodge pool offers endless hours of wet and wild pleasure. Image  I may be the non-swimmer type, but I love to watch all those labs and their sort cavort with wild abandon. Thank goodness the Green Beagle Lodge staff knows when enough is enough, and they blow the whistle on rest time for my water loving friends.

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention a very cool GREEN feature  of the Green Beagle Lodge (Ask Bing…green as in “eco-friendly” not blue+yellow=____).  IMG_1997  All of our vast play yards are covered with re-claimed, green turf. In a former life, the turf was a football field and indoor soccer field from Southern Texas. Now, my friends and I frolic and do our business on this animal and environmentally friendly surface. I gotta say…it’s better than the real thing!

Now that we are in the lazy, hazy days of summer, sometimes it’s just too dog-gone hot to spend too many hours outside. No problemo! The Green Beagle Lodge has ample, spacious and gloriously cool indoor spaces for our boarders and doggie day care clients. This is definitely down my alley. I can hang out in our rubber-matted activity room and bounce around with a few friends or play some indoor games in our open play space in the boarding wing of the Green Beagle Lodge. But my FAVE is our cozy lobby with my bone shaped ottoman  (yes, it belongs to me and only me…don’t tell anybody)  in front of the TV streaming Animal Planet 24/7.  On top of the comfort, I get to enjoy the activity of the front desk and give my thumbs up on new arrivals.  photo

I call the whole experience a slice of doggie heaven.

That’s about it, for now.

Signing Owffff…….