Hello to all my Bing Aficionados (Bing Challenge #1-Vocab word)

The other day at my home away from home, the Green Beagle Lodge, I was reading a wonderful email sent out by delightful Debbie and her director, David, one dynamic duo at the Green Beagle Lodge. (enough with the alliteration already…)

See below:
Map of GBL

But it got me thinking. (fyi…beagles do a lot of that just in case you are wondering)
Why not invite you to take the Bing Challenge; a series of questions to see if you can figure out “Where is Bing?”

OK. Here we go!

1. I was born here. Nicknamed, Brum, this is the 2nd most populous city in the UK.
Birmingham, England

2. I lived here for the 1st 4 years of my life. Sometimes called “The Square Mile” by it’s residents, it will always be my little slice of dog heaven.
london england

3. I visited here. A place of rolling hills, brackish locks, great sheep chasing (ok, guilty as charged) and Oban, Whisky.

4. I emigrated here. University town steeping with southern charm and dog lovin’ folks. Home of the Green Beagle Lodge among other landmarks.
chapel hill

5. I love it here. Dog heaven on earth, this dog & cat boarding facility is the real deal. Spacious play yards nestled in the woods, minutes from downtown Chapel Hill and practically anywhere else, water park with zero entry pool and much, much more! A must see and stay for all Animal Aficionados. (did you look up the word by now?)
back of lodge

In case you had trouble with my challenge, here are the answers:
(Birmingham, London, Scotland, Chapel Hill, and the GREEN BEAGLE LODGE)

Signing Owwfff,