Doggie Daycare

Daily schedules are busier than ever, and it isn’t always possible to give our dogs the exercise or attention we’d like to during the week.

That’s where Doggie Daycare comes in!

At the Green Beagle Lodge we offer a Doggie Daycare program designed to provide your dog with a fun, stable, and controlled environment in which to play and socialize. Our professionally trained staff closely supervises and interacts with each dog in our “packs” to ensure their safety and help build excellent socialization skills. We offer a low dog-to-staff ratio, and each member of our team is an expert in the social dynamics of dog groups; this ratio allows our staff to get to know your dog well, and this close bonding makes playtime even more fun!

Your dog will have access to a large outdoor play area made of a comfortable reclaimed, eco-friendly turf, where they can swim in our zero-entry pool, play with a variety of toys, climb on dog-safe structures, or just run around in circles with friends! All campers are given naps between play sessions to re-energize. At the end of each fun-filled day at the Lodge, your dog will go home with you tired, relaxed, and very happy!

After completing an assessment with one of our trained staff, each dog will be assigned to a pack alongside others of a similar energy, play style, age, and size. Many factors go into the pack assignments, but ultimately, one of our packs is the best fit to ensure a safe, enjoyable play day at the Lodge. Our packs include:

  •  Fast & Furriest:  High-energy dogs who enjoy ball fetching, wrestling, swimming and rough & tumble play.
  •  Kool Katz:  A slightly less energetic, more mellow group who enjoy more chase play than wrestling. Water play is always an option.
  •  Golden Oldies: Our mellow or nervous guests who like to cuddle and lay around the yards. They particularly like to meet and greet staff and get their belly rubs.
  •  Happy Littles: High-energy small dogs, who enjoy active play, wrestling, retrieving and water play.


Please call 919-929-7387 at least 48 hours in advance to schedule your assessment & to check Daycare availability. Space is limited.

Full Day offered

  • Monday – Friday


  • Saturday


  • Sunday

    Not Offered

Half Day offered

  • Monday–Friday

    7am-12pm or 2pm-7pm.

  •   Saturday & Sunday

    Not Offered on Weekends

Full Day


Half Day


5 Day Care


10 Day Care


20 Day Care


Vaccination Requirements

To ensure the safety and happiness of all our guests, the following vaccinations are required for participation in daycare at the Lodge:

  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • Annual negative Fecal Float for worms and Giardia

If possible, we would prefer the administration of vaccines at least 10 days before your dog’s check-in.


To provide the best experience for your dog, we want to get to know them! You can help us by filling out a “Pet Profile” form to give us a comprehensive picture of your dog’s behavior in their home setting.

At the Lodge, we require a half-day of daycare for our trained staff to assess how your dog socializes with other dogs and humans. After the assessment, we’ll email you a report card that will give you an overview of your dog’s behavior and social skills.  There is an assessment fee of $22.  If your dog is a first time boarder and you are unable to have the assessment done before your scheduled boarding, the assessment will be done the first day of boarding and the $22 fee will be added to the dog’s stay.

In some cases, a follow-up assessment may be necessary if troubling behaviors arise. Our trainers will make recommendations for how to proceed, which may or may not include corrective training.

Your dog must be reassessed if they have been inactive more than a year.

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