Dog Lodging

During their stay at the Lodge, our canine guests are comfortably housed in either a cabin or suite. Your dog’s accommodations include a unique, cot-style Kuranda bed that provides orthopedic support and keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our building has an abundance of natural light, pet-friendly floors, and classical or Reggae music (Click to read study) playing in every room to help lull them to sleep.

Boarding Specifics

Standard Check-in


2pm-6:30 pm





Early Check-in
Additional $20







Standard Checkout







Extended Stay Checkout
Additional $20







We are an all-inclusive resort. We will not charge you extra for dispensing or administering medications, Lodge food, serving your own food, belly rubs, occasional brushing, Frisbee play, 5 thousand tennis ball tosses, cuddle time, treats, tuck-ins, pool time, tons of outdoor play, nor extra attention to detail! Come in for a tour so you can see for yourself how much fun your pup will have!

Lodge Privilege Package Daily Boarding Rates

Petite Suite (3×3) – up to 15lbs $44 View
Small Dog Suite (5×3) $50 View
2nd or 3rd dog** $42
Cabin (8×4) $55 View
2nd or 3rd dog** $42
Large Suite (8×6) $65 View
2nd or 3rd dog** $42
Family Suite (12×20) Call for pricing View

**Additional dog sharing the same room.

Lodge Privilege Packages

Sports Package

For younger or more active guests

  • Daily daycare play group sessions
  • Abundant outdoor time
  • Access to our water park
  • Stays of six or more days and first time boarders: photos and notes to home

Pamper Package

For older or less active guests

  • One-on-One lounge time with staff
  • Ample outdoor time
  • Stays of six or more days and first time boarders: photos and notes to home

Boarding Accommodations

Petite Suite

Small Dog Suite


Large Suite

Family Suite

Preparing to Board

You’re heading out of town and can’t take your dog. No worries, we’re here to help!

At the Lodge, our pricing is all-inclusive. You won’t be charged extra for the dispensing of medicine, serving your dog’s food, brushing, outdoor playtime, or more belly rubs. You choose which package suits your dog, or a combination of both.

Select from the options below to learn more about preparing for your pet’s stay. 

To ensure the safety and happiness of all our guests, the following vaccinations are required for a stay at the Lodge:

  •      Distemper/Parvo
  •      Rabies
  •      Bordetella
  •      Annual negative Fecal Float for worms and Giardia

If possible, we would prefer the administration of vaccines at least 10 days before your dog’s check-in. In case of emergency, we can arrange for a mobile vet to administer them on site.

We follow a rigorous program of flea and tick prevention.  All pets must be on a monthly flea and tick prevention program.  All pets will be checked thoroughly for fleas and ticks prior to admittance.  If any are found, the pet will be treated immediately, at the owner’s expense, before being allowed to enter the lodging area.

All pets must be in good general health to stay at the Green Beagle Lodge.  Any pet known to have been exposed to a contagious virus must wait 30 days or until written clearance by his or her veterinarian is given before visiting the Lodge.

If internal parasites are discovered, the pet will be quarantined and the Owner will be called to discuss treatment plans.

We strongly encourage you to include your dog’s regular food in their boarding checklist, as a sudden change in diet can be difficult on their digestive system. Consistency in food can make your dog’s stay easier and more comfortable. We feed all guests breakfast and dinner, but if you would like a third feeding, we are happy to provide one free of charge as a part of our all-inclusive pricing.

We accept wet, raw or refrigerated food in addition to dry. If necessary, the Lodge can provide a high quality kibble from Pet Pantry in two flavors: chicken and rice (the most universally digestible) or lamb and rice.

If you would like, we can schedule owner-provided treats for your dog at naps or bedtime! Please make sure that any bones your dog brings to the Lodge are splinter-safe.

Luggage is anything your dog brings to the Lodge, and may include a favorite blanket or toy. Our staff will mark any items you bring with your dog’s first name and last name initial; we ask that you limit the number of items to a couple of essentials. We highly recommend that you do not send in stuffed beds, as they cannot be disinfected should an accident occur. We will do everything in our power to return your items to you at check-out.
To provide the best experience for your dog, we want to get to know them! You can help us by filling out a “Pet Profile” form to give us a comprehensive picture of your dog’s behavior in their home setting.

At the Lodge, we require a half-day of daycare for our trained staff to assess how your dog socializes with other dogs and humans. After the assessment, we’ll email you a report card that will give you an overview of your dog’s behavior and social skills.  There is an assessment fee of $22.  If your dog is a first time boarder and you are unable to have the assessment done before your scheduled boarding, the assessment will be done the first day of boarding and the $22 fee will be added to the dog’s stay.

In some cases, a follow-up assessment may be necessary if troubling behaviors arise. Our trainers will make recommendations for how to proceed, which may or may not include corrective training.

At the Green Beagle Lodge, our trained staff is happy to provide any special accommodations your dog may need while vacationing. When you make your reservation we can discuss any additional care your dog requires, including daily brushing, post- surgical care (after care medications, light wound cleaning, monitoring of stitches, rewrapping incision areas etc.) or puppy care. We have mats, covers, towels and blankets to swaddle and comfort your pup. Additional charges may be applicable.

If your dog follows a specific health regimen, we will continue it during their stay. We ask that all medications be brought in their original container, marked with your dog’s name and dosage instructions. We would also like to know the reason for your dog’s taking the medication.

In the event of a health emergency, our standard procedure is to contact you or anyone you designate as an emergency contact. If your dog’s condition requires immediate medical attention, we will bring them to our veterinarian of choice.

In order to have the proper space and staffing for all dogs, effective March 1st you will be charged an early check-in fee of $20.00 for check-ins before 2pm Monday through Saturday.
The Lodge, like most hotels, requires your dog’s check-out by a certain time so that their cabin may be cleaned for the next guest. If your dog checks out after 12 P.M. Monday through Saturday, or after 4 P.M. on Sunday, you will be charged an Extended Stay fee of $20  for more play time and the cost of re-cleaning a temporary cabin.
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as cash and checks.

We do require a non-refundable boarding deposit of two night’s stay per pet for all holidays including Easter, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

If you cancel your boarding reservation prior to 14 days of the original check-in date (when boarding over one of the holiday’s listed above), your boarding deposit will be held on your GBL account for one year and can be used for a future service.

If you cancel within the 14 days of the original check-in date, your deposit will be forfeited.

If you shorten your holiday stay by MORE THAN TWO NIGHTS, within ten weeks of the original check-in date, you forfeit your deposit.

Please contact us with any questions