Grooming FAQ’s

Grooming plays a key role in keeping your pet happy and healthy. Depending on breed, age, coat, and certain health conditions, dogs should be groomed every four to six weeks. We will be happy to discuss an appropriate grooming schedule for your pet.
Specific prices for bathing, grooming and certain other spa services are determined through consultation and vary depending on breed, size, coat condition, cooperation in grooming and type of services requested. Please call us, we will be happy to discuss prices for bathing, grooming and other spa services with you.
Although there is no fee for canceling a spa appointment, as a courtesy we request at least a 24 hour notice for cancellations.
For grooming reservations at the Green Beagle Lodge, please contact us by telephone at 919-929-7387. All reservations must be confirmed by telephone or in person. You can schedule your grooming appointment at the same time you set up your boarding stay. Grooming appointments may be limited around the holidays. We will be happy to discuss all of the spa and grooming services we offer!
We request that pets with grooming appointments in the morning, please arrive between 8-9:30am Monday through Saturday. For pets with afternoon appointments, we request an arrival time between 12-1pm. Please make arrangements to ensure that we have current vaccination records prior to arrival. You may contact your veterinarian and request that they email or fax your pet’s records to us. Upon check-in, we will discuss a scheduled pick up time with you. We provide potty breaks and attention to pets that visit our spa. We also will call you when you pet is ready for pick up. Our lobby closes at 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 5:00pm on Saturday. Pets visiting our spa who are not picked up before our lobby closes will be boarded overnight, applicable boarding rates will apply.
Absolutely! Green Beagle Lodge offers guests morning daycare followed by a pampering session in our grooming spa. If your pet prefers individual playtime a Pampered Pet Session can be enjoyed in the place of day camp. Our customer service associates will be happy to book your grooming reservation and discuss the type of grooming services you would like for your pet!
A full groom includes a spa bath with ear cleaning and nail trim, blowout and brushing, and any cutting requested for your pet. They will leave the spa smelling fresh and looking fabulous!
A mini-groom includes a spa bath with ear cleaning and nail trim, blowout and brushing, and a feet, face and sanitary trim.
We always use hypo-allergenic shampoo but it might help to add an occasional mud bath to your dog’s regime.