Grooming Services

At the Green Beagle Lodge, we are concerned with the total well-being of all of our canine and feline guests. Regularly scheduled grooming not only helps your pet look and feel good, we believe it is also an essential part of maintaining optimal pet health. We strive to make the grooming experience positive for both the pet and owner. The grooming process starts with clear communication between owner and groomer, and the relationship continues by building a strong and positive bond between pet and groomer.

Grooming should be more like a spa day for your pet than an unpleasant experience, and at the Lodge, we do everything we can to make them feel pampered, safe, and happy through a variety of excellent spa services.

We offer the following spa services:

  • Lodge Bath – a therapeutic, massaging, warm water bath, that includes brush out, fluff dry, ear cleaning and nail trim
  • Mini Lodge Groom – a touch-up service with sanitary trim, feet scissoring, pad shaving, minor scissoring and clipping; includes Lodge bath
  • Deluxe Lodge Groom – a full body haircut to suit your dog’s breed, personality and lifestyle; includes Lodge bath
  • Lodge Furminator Treatment – Special Furminator shampoo and conditioner in conjunction with Lodge bath and brushing. This treatment dramatically reduces but does not stop the natural shedding process.
  • Lodge Mud Bath – medicated treatment soothes and relieves itchiness and hot spots
  • Nail Trim – $10
  • Nail Dremel – $15
  • Lodge Pawdicure – nails are trimmed, filed with a dremel to smooth rough edges and a nail conditioning balm is applied for nail suppleness and protection
  • Nail Pawlish – an application of pet-safe nail polish just for fun  $6
  • Oral Hygiene – includes teeth brushing and minty breath freshener  $10

Pricing Guidelines:

Specific prices for bathing and grooming services are determined through consultation and are based on breed, size, coat condition, cooperation in grooming and type of services requested. Please give us a call at 919-929-7387 to discuss your particular needs and to get a quote.