Meet Our Team


Tammy Purner
Tammy PurnerOwner
I grew up around all types of animals. Owning the Green Beagle Lodge has been a dream job. Aside from the Lodge, I am a flight attendant and love traveling. My faith and family are my priority.
Margy Schmidt
Margy SchmidtOwner
Besides loving dogs of all types, I love to cook, flower arrange, do yoga, spend time with family & friends & travel. My faith is an important part of my life, as is my family at the Green Beagle Lodge.


Ryan Blackwell
Ryan BlackwellBusiness Development Manager
Ryan has lived all over North Carolina, but he now calls Chapel Hill home. He lives with his terrier mixes Charles and Lexi, and has worked in the animal care industry for over 18 years. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys being outdoors and trying new local restaurants.
Kathleen Marshall
Kathleen MarshallGeneral Manager
Born in California but a Tarheel by choice, I have been a part of the Lodge family since 2014. I love camping, crafting, and working in the garden with my two dogs and three cats.
Bruvone Hill
Bruvone HillDaycare and Training Manager
Bru is our most experienced trainer, and leads our Green Beagle Academy. Bru has 20 years of experience working with dogs, both professionally and personally, and he has worked at Green Beagle since 2014. He has two sons and several dogs.
Meghan McClain
Meghan McClainOperations Manager
Meghan is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan and relocated to North Carolina by way of IBM’s “I’ve Been Moved” program. Meghan graduated from UNC – Greensboro with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. Meghan joined our Lodge family in March 2015. In her spare time, Meghan enjoys various crafts and has a soft spot for Cocker Spaniels. She adopted Ida, her spunky little diva, in July 2016. You will find Ida at the front desk, often begging for a treat (or three).
Michele DeJoe
Michele DeJoeBoarding Manager
Michele is ecstatic to be a part of the GBL family and contribute to the quality of care provided to each guest through ensuring they are safe, loved, and respected. She brings 10 years of experience in animal care management along with 17 years of retail merchandising and multi-store management. Michele has two children-Walter, her squishy-faced English Bulldog and Fenris, her saucy Papillon mix.
Jessica Hayes
Jessica HayesCommunications Manager
Jessica is from West Virginia and holds her B.A. in English from Roanoke College. She lived in Portland, ME and Barcelona, Spain before moving to North Carolina in 2008. Raised by a dog trainer, Jessica has enjoyed the observation of dogs throughout her lifetime. Jessica photographs our pups during playtime and maintains our social media pages. She is the proud mama of a wacky little pibble named Kaylee (not pictured), a Boxer mix named Tiptoe, and forever a mama in spirit to Roscoe (aka BayBay), the greatest Boxer who ever lived.
Kelsi Clark
Kelsi ClarkCustomer Service Manager
I have loved animals since the start! I worked at a vet as soon as I could get my worker’s permit and I adore animals. When I’m not at work, I’m striving to get my Associate’s Degree at Durham Tech so I can pursue Criminology. GBL is truly my home away from home. I’m the proud mother of two fur babies named Breezy and Gatsby.
Mallory Nelson
Mallory NelsonCustomer Service Manager
Mallory is one of the original Green Beagle employees! Born in South Pasadena, California, she visited her aunt and uncle every summer here in Chapel Hill and now lives nearby. She is mom to her fur baby Carbon, a Shepherd mix.
Kory Parks
Kory ParksAssistant Daycare Manager
Born in Alamance County, Kory has been a member of our Lodge family for five years. Kory loves all dogs, with an especially soft spot for his Beagle named Lynard, his Akita named Titan, Rottweilers, and Shepherds. He can be found in the yards with the entire pack following happily behind him, and is usually entertaining the entire staff with his goofy outbursts.
Joshua Hendricks
Joshua HendricksFacilities Manager
Josh grew up in Florida. He moved to N.C. in 2013. He is a jack of all trades with a background working in restaurants, on farms, plumbing, air conditioning, and landscaping.


Rachel Thurman
Rachel ThurmanBoarding Supervisor
Animals have been my passion throughout my life, from the early years of dreaming big while reading Animorphs books (turning into animals is still my chosen superpower!)- to a bachelor’s degree in Biology: Wildlife Rehabilitation and additional internships and volunteer work in a variety of zoos and sanctuaries, and now my amazing job at the GBL! In my free time I enjoy various nerdy pastimes including reading, writing, photography, and creating costumes of my favorite characters in animation.
Paula Fratazzi
Paula FratazziPack Supervisor
I’m currently a student at ACC working towards an Animal Science degree. When I’m not playing with my favorite dogs at GBL, you can typically find me at the barn riding or spoiling my horse! I also enjoy road trips and animal training.
Megan Talbert
Megan TalbertPack Supervisor/Trainer
I am a 20 year old, North Carolina native and a Tar Heel through and through. A proud dog mom to Elliot, who I adopted in October, 2017. My love for dogs all began with hands-on experience through my family’s professional boarding kennel and with them became involved in the dog show world. I am driven by my ambitions and eager to learn what matters most, and who better to teach me than a dog?!
Matt Kennedy
Matt KennedyPack Supervisor
Matt was born and raised in Durham, and has been an integral part of our Lodge family for over three years. He loves Rottweilers, Saint Bernards, and playing pranks on his coworkers.
Chelsea Lineberry
Chelsea LineberryBoarding Supervisor
I have always loved animals of all shapes and sizes, and that love has inspired me to earn my Associate’s Degree in animal care and then further my future into becoming a Vet Tech! I am excited every day to go to work because I know that I will be surrounded by fun coworkers and loving dogs and spunky cats.
Kari Corns
Kari CornsPack Supervisor
Kari is a longtime member of our Green Beagle family, and we don’t know what we’d do without her! She lives in Chapel Hill and is the proud mom of Sheldon. the sweet and lazy Rottweiler.
Anna Casadonte
Anna CasadonteBoarding Supervisor
Anna has a natural talent when it comes to all of our furry friends, and she’s always willing to make that extra effort to help her fellow Green Beagle Family members!

Front Desk Customer Service

Shevonn Hinshaw
Shevonn HinshawCustomer Service
I was born and raised in N.C. I have two crazy red-headed boys who love to drive Mommy crazy (sometimes). I am a CrossFit junkie and I also enjoy crafting, summertime, NFL, hanging out with friends and of course, playing with all the animals.
Joe Cox
Joe CoxCustomer Service
Originally from Indiana, Joe moved to the Triangle area with his girlfriend in 2017. He joined our Green Beagle family in July 2019. Welcome, Joe!
Carter Lyon
Carter LyonCustomer Service
A lifelong fan of our soft and fluffy companions, Carter is from eastern PA and a new transplant to Chapel Hill. If his needy cat isn’t nagging him for attention while he cooks and bakes, he’s probably writing a script with her curled on his lap. Though he adores cats, he loves dogs just a little bit more… but don’t tell his cat that.
Jordan Beyle
Jordan BeyleCustomer Service
Born and raised in Chapel Hill, I graduated from UNC in 2017. I’ve grown up around dogs my whole life, and I have a retriever named George. I’m a passionate Boston sports and UNC baseball fan, and I enjoy going to movies.
Jacqueline Vargas
Jacqueline VargasCustomer Service
Jacquelyn has always loved animals, the outdoors, and helping others. She’s grown up boarding, grooming, and caring for a wide variety of animals as her aunt worked with ASPCA and ran her own foster home for dogs and cats alike. When Jacqueline is not with the animals, she spends time with her loving little sister and works/studies in her painting studio and workshop. She recently returned from working at ASPCA Stray Haven in New York, and is excited to give your animals the love and care they need!
Hailey Beckman
Hailey BeckmanCustomer Service
Hello animal lovers! My name is Hailey Beckman, and I am a part of the front desk team here at Green Beagle Lodge! I live in Timberlake, NC and have been an NC resident for close to 6 years. I love animals, and being able to be a part of the growth and companionship here is extremely rewarding – I can’t wait to grow with the big family here at Green Beagle Lodge!

Lodge Liaisons

Meredith Kimple
Meredith KimpleBlog Editor and Lodge Liaison
Meredith Kimple is a Durham native and graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill (2015), where she majored in English and Dramatic Art. Bringing the Lodge’s colorful cast of characters to life on the blog combines two of her greatest interests: writing and squealing over cute dogs. When she’s not thinking like a Beagle, she enjoys reading, studying foreign languages, and (window) shopping. Meredith loves sending our parents boarding updates and writing report cards for your pup’s first day!
Matt Francis
Matt FrancisLodge Liaison
I’m a goofy, artsy dog dad born and raised here in the Piedmont. I love to hike, ride horses and paint. I’m always on the go with my dogs and friends!

Pack Leaders

Walter Pham
Walter PhamPack Leader
Walter was born in North Carolina and has been a part of our Lodge family since November 2015. He enjoys video games, antique weaponry, and crafts.
Nicholas Hodges
Nicholas HodgesPack Leader
Nick joined our Green Beagle in November 2018. He lives in Pittsboro with his family and four pups!
Gary Goldman
Gary GoldmanPack Leader
Gary, a Philadelphia native, has been working with dogs since 2005. He joined our Green Beagle family in September 2019. Welcome, Gary!
Tristan Poole
Tristan PoolePack Leader
I grew up outdoors on the river and in the mountains. I enjoy any kind of boating activity and I love to hike. Whether I’m in a kayak or on the trail, my dog Jenna is never far away!
Colleen Kretzschmar
Colleen KretzschmarPack Leader
I’m a transplanted Marylander who loves all animals and lives in my own personal zoo. I have four dogs, four cats, four horses, and two fish tanks.
Megan Terry
Megan TerryPack Leader
Megan joined GBL in March of 2018!
Camoriae Carter
Camoriae CarterPack Leader
Camoriae joined our GBL family in October of 2019. Welcome, Cam!
Anna Rickey
Anna RickeyPack Leader
Anna joined our GBL family in October 2019. Welcome, Anna!

Pack Members

Tyler Curtis
Tyler CurtisPack Member/Boarding Assistant
Tyler was born in Walnut Creek, California. He’s been a member of our lodge family for two years. Tyler is best known for cradling our larger, more rambunctious guests like happy babies.
James Parker
James ParkerPack Member/Boarding Assistant
I like hunting, fishing, muddin’, off roading, country music, going to church, and working at Green Beagle Lodge.
Tramarq Epps
Tramarq EppsPack Member/Boarding Assistant
Tramarq joined our Green Beagle family in August of 2018. You can usually find him entertaining a yard of rambunctious dogs, helping our pampered pets finish their meals, wearing one of his Happy Littles girlfriends in the Snugli, or quietly up to something hilarious. We love you, Tra!
Nora Stevenson
Nora StevensonPack Member/Boarding Assistant
Born and raised in Raleigh, Nora joined our Green Beagle family in August of 2017. She is the proud mama of Pablo the Pitty, and is newly engaged to her sweetheart, Nate! Nora plans a career in animal services, and we love having her as a part of our team!
Caroline Kauffman
Caroline KauffmanPack Member/Boarding Assistant
I love my 5-year-old Dachshund/Jack Russell mix Peanut, and my parents’ Portuguese water dog, Daisea. Ever since I was little, I have always loved animals, especially dogs! I was born and raised in Chapel Hill, NC where I currently reside. I enjoy going to church, spending time with friends and family, fishing, drawing/painting, and exercising. And I recently became engaged to my sweetheart, Nick!
Joe Miller
Joe MillerPack Member/Boarding Assistant/Facilities
Born and raised in Durham, NC, Joe has been to film school, owned two bars in Chapel Hill, and he is the proud father of a son and daughter. When Joe isn’t repairing vintage pinball machines and arcade games on the side, he can be found playing bass guitar and/or rebuilding his ’71 Harley-Davidson Ironhead Sportster.
Sam Markin
Sam MarkinPack Member/Boarding Assistant
Sam joined our GBL family in the summer of 2019. Welcome, Sam!
Julia Hamilton
Julia HamiltonPack Member
Julia joined our GBL family in September of 2019. Welcome, Julia!
Ashley Garner
Ashley GarnerPack Member
Ashley joined our GBL family in October of 2019. Welcome, Ashley!
Luke Hamilton
Luke HamiltonPack Member
Luke joined our GBL family in December of 2019. Welcome, Luke!
Andrew Chin
Andrew ChinPack Member/Boarding Assistant
Originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, Andrew moved to the Chapel Hill area to complete his PhD in School Psychology at UNC. He joined our Green Beagle family in January of 2020. Welcome, Andrew!

Boarding Assistants

Maia Szulik
Maia SzulikBoarding Assistant
I’m currently getting my Master’s in Anthrozoology and getting certified as a translator/interpreter. I have loved all animals my entire life, and am now a proud dog mom to Bubba, the Boston Terrier (who is bilingual!). In my free time, I enjoy volunteering at Animal Protection Society, watching movies, traveling, or going to the dog park. A fun fact about me is that I speak three languages: Spanish (I’m from Argentina), Hebrew, and French.
Nathan Franklin
Nathan FranklinBoarding Assistant/Pack Member
Nathan has been a member of our Green Beagle family for three years. He lives in Durham and loves spending time with the Happy Littles!
Siarra Sveum
Siarra SveumBoarding Assistant/Pack Member
Originally from Virginia Beach, Siarra has been in the Triangle for 6 years now, currently calling Durham home. Having been an animal lover all of her life, she also currently works as a veterinary assistant. She has two fur sons, a Boston terrier named Mulder and a big orange cat named Milo!
Kevin O'Brienhalla
Kevin O'BrienhallaBoarding Assistant
Kevin has been a member of our Green Beagle family for two years. He always goes the extra mile to keep things clean and safe for your pups. Thank you, Kevin!
Camryn Burns
Camryn BurnsPack Member/Boarding Assistant
Camryn joined our GBL family in 2018. We love her sense of humor and her dedication to making sure your pets are as comfy and cared for as possible. Thank you, Cam!
Jacob Smith
Jacob SmithBoarding Assistant
Jacob joined our Green Beagle family in November of 2019. Welcome, Jacob!
Luke Prokop
Luke ProkopBoarding Assistant
I just finished my senior year of high school. I live in Chapel Hill with my parents and my brother. I love fishing, golfing, and spending time outdoors. I love working with dogs and other animals.
Zack Morel
Zack MorelBoarding Assistant
Zack is from Chapel Hill and has been a UNC fan his whole life. He loves animals and is currently pursuing a career in the animal field. He loves to be outside, especially when playing basketball or lacrosse!
Brittney Harris
Brittney HarrisBoarding Assistant/Pack Member
Brittney joined our GBL family in October 2019. Welcome, Brittney!
Sophie Schmidt
Sophie SchmidtBoarding Assistant
Sophie is a student at Alamance Community College, with an interest in C.A.D. She grew up in Chapel Hill and graduated from East Chapel Hill High School. Sophie loves music, traveling, and her goofy dog Bing.
JJ Johnson
JJ JohnsonBoarding Assistant
JJ joined our GBL family in the Spring of 2019. Welcome, JJ!
Jackson Mink
Jackson MinkBoarding Assistant
Jackson joined our Green Beagle family in June of 2019. Welcome, Jackson!
Nathan Borgman
Nathan BorgmanBoarding Assistant
Nathan joined our Green Beagle Family in November of 2019, and he is a total rock star!!
Caroline Wright
Caroline WrightBoarding Assistant/Pack Member
Caroline joined our GBL family in July of 2019. Welcome, Caroline!
Bonnie Poirer
Bonnie PoirerBoarding Assistant/Pack Member
I’m originally from Connecticut, but I have lived in North Carolina since elementary school. I am now a senior at UNC Chapel Hill, studying public policy and sociology with plans to go to law school in the near future. I love playing with dogs and other animals (especially my own husky-lab, Linux), and I’m happy that I’m able to make that a part of my job!


Briana Sercy
Briana SercyGroomer
Briana has worked for the Lodge since 2014, working in every area of the business. In the summer of 2016 she went to grooming school through Ruff Housing in Clemens. She has a beautiful little girl and many four-legged babies.
Jessica Cameron
Jessica CameronGroomer
Jessica earned a degree in Sports Administration before joining the Pet Care Industry. She began as a bather with PetsMart for three years before deciding to further her education in pet grooming through PetsMart’s Grooming Academy. After four years grooming at PetsMart, Jessica went to work at a private groom shop to continue to further her craft. During the four years at the private grooming salon, Jessica continued her education by attending different grooming shows and conventions around the country. She enjoys attending classes in hair coloring, standard breed cuts, and continues to compete in different grooming competitions at these shows.
Leah Brightly
Leah BrightlyGroomer
Leah joined our Green Beagle family in December 2018!
Chris Connor
Chris ConnorBather
Born in Boulder, Colorado, Chris and his partner have lived in the Triangle area for 27 years. He joined our Lodge family in April of 2019!

Facilities Maintenance 

Auggie Martinez
Auggie MartinezFacilities Maintenance
Auggie is a longtime member of our Green Beagle family. He helps keep the Lodge clean and running smoothly, and he’s always willing to help. Thank you, Auggie!
Alex Ward
Alex WardFacilities Maintenance
Alex joined our Green Beagle family in August 2019. Welcome, Alex!
Jordan Simmons
Jordan SimmonsFacilities Maintenance
Jordan joined our GBL family in November 2019. Welcome, Jordan!
Josh Patzer
Josh PatzerFacilities Maintenance/Boarding Assistant
I’m Josh Patzer, I’m 20 years old, and I’ve lived in Chapel Hill my whole life. I love dogs and own a 12 month black German Shepherd/Lab mix.