It’s Monday, it’s raining and Bing has got the Blues!

OK, I admit, I’m not a water loving dog like my Lab and Retriever friends, but the combination of a dreary Monday and a steady rain has just put me in a funk.

I guess I could turn on some daytime television and watch some human head talk about the new pregnancy of the British royals or a war waging in some part of the world…but it isn’t helping my mood.
What I need is a big dose of the Green Beagle Lodge dog daycare.

Rainy day photo 3

Even in foul weather, my canine buddies participate in fun doggy daycare games at the Green Beagle Lodge. A little rain doesn’t deter the Green Beagle Lodge staff from making our day as sunny as possible.

Rainy day photo2

Take it from a Beagle who got a bad dose of Monday Morning Blues…the Green Beagle Lodge is a sure cure!!!