What’s in a name? More than you might think. Take my name, Bing, for instance. I was given this name for these three reasons:

1. It sounds good with Beagle (I am a Beagle through and through). 
2. It describes my gait (sort of stiff legged with a bounce) .
3. I have the voice, um, call of a singer (Bing Crosby to be exact).

What I am not… “a search engine by Microsoft”…but I diverge…

You might be wondering why the folks behind the Green Beagle Lodge decided to call it the Green Beagle Lodge. Let me start with what it is not. No, it isn’t a boarding facility for just Beagles (although I wouldn’t wholly be opposed to that). For that matter, it definitely isn’t a boarding facility for sick Beagles (I admit, we are known to partake in our share of trash now and then).

According to my sources, the “Green” part of the name stands for all the eco-friendly initiatives that the owners have adopted. These include: reclaimed rain water & cistern to use in cleaning the facility, lots of natural light with clear story and solo-tubes (less electricity used for lighting), & re-cycled field turf (from Texas) to cover all the play yards (no watering or fertilizing needed). In addition, the building sits on 15 acres of wooded area just minutes from the heart of Chapel Hill. You might think you are in the middle of the country it is so green. (something my dog friends and I like a lot).

Let’s get to the heart of the question…why Beagle Lodge? I would argue that Beagles are one of the cutest, most endearing, lovable breeds of dogs in the world. (OK, I didn’t say I was humble). The real reason is that all the owners have something in common; their love of Beagles. Let me introduce you to our Beagle family:

Buddy: Small, spunky and loyal. He was a rescue Beagle who picked his family to love and adore him.

Abby: Shy, slender and loving. She was a frightened rescue who found her safe haven.

Shiloh: A child’s Christmas Beagle who is on his 4th life. He was (in order of occurrence), run over by a car, attacked by a coyote and bit by a copper head. He is a tad more cautious now, but is still driven by his ever present nose.

Bing: Me, medium build, and a foodie. OK, add thief. I am the quintessential nose-driven, clever, food oriented Beagle. I have been known to illegally obtain a stack of picnic sandwiches, an entire tray of smoked salmon blinis, and a pretty awesome blueberry Bundt cake in my time.

The Green Beagle Lodge owners all have a love and obsession (my words) with Beagles, but they also warmly welcome other breeds to join our family. The Lodge is people as well as dog friendly with an inviting lobby with fireplace, t.v., comfy seating (for humans and canines alike), activity room (for daycare & monthly activities) and private dog park with zero entry pool for members.

I hope you will stop by and see for yourself. We hope to be open for business in late May but stay tuned for my blog entries. Until then…
Signing Owwoff!
Bing…the Beagle.