Hello to all my Bing Buddies,

Thought you might be interested in the top 10 things trending at the Green Beagle Lodge!

10. Turf Rubbing or good old fashioned back scratching
Libby on the turf
9. Sam Perkins, our 1st official Beagle Boarder
Sam Perkins
8. Puppy Love with Sean and Sophie
Sean & Sophie
7. “Peepin'” Athena…wad up?
6. Tug-a-War Fun!
Tug a war
5. Nahla, a.k.a. Senorita Fluffy Pants and Fluff-n-Stuff
Fluffy Gracie
4. Swimming and more swimming…
Swimming dogs
3. Nap Time at the Lodge…zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Annie & Athena asleep
2. Lucy and her “private” doggie pool
1. Beulah “B” is happy!
B at rest