Yappy New Year to all of the friends of the Green Beagle Lodge!

Tammy & Dogs


I gotta Beagle feeling that 2015 is going to be a yowling good year! According to the Chinese calendar, 2015 is the year of the goat. I beg to differ. My friends and I from the Lodge conferred, and we are sure that dogs will rule again in 2015.

dogs and more dogs  Sophie & dog dog & pull toy

It’s been awhile since last we spoke, but this Beagle took a bit of time off to enjoy the holidays and eat myself silly. With the launch of a new year, I am jumping on the band wagon along with millions of others, and setting my resolutions. For what it’s worth…here goes!

  1. Eat less and exercise more.
  2. Howl less and listen more.
  3. Take time to sit in the grass and look for 4 leaf clovers.
  4. Be grateful always…remembering my bowl is half full not half empty.
  5. Give thanks for family, good friends, juicy bones and long, happy days at the Lodge!
  6. Sophie & 2 dogs  super cute  yard staff fun

Now for a small look back to 2014… what a year for the Green Beagle Lodge (and this old Beagle). We opened our doors in late June, and since then, I have made 835 new friends!!

ringo Flint

We had a full house for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and my pals and I enjoyed our social time in the yards and later, in front of the fireplace catching a good holiday movie. What could be “finer than to be in Carolina” at the Lodge for the holidays!

kevin and friends2

I can’t wait to see what is to be in 2015!

Here’s to a lip-smacking, tail-wagging, happy sniffing New Year!

faces in the crowd

Your Beagle friend,