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Boarding: Frequently Asked Questions​

Most pets have little to no trouble adjusting, and our excellent staff will do everything possible to ensure that your pet has the best time at the Lodge. We provide a variety of activities and services, making for a customized experience that is tailored to your pet’s needs; your pet is unique and should have a visit to match! You can help us by filling out a “Pet Profile” form and, for dogs joining us, scheduling an assessment before your boarding. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We are happy to give tours of the resort (Monday through Thursday, 12:00pm to 2:00pm)!

We love to keep families together! When you board an additional dog in one room, you’ll receive a discount for each additional dog. Please note that we can typically only accommodate one additional dog per enclosure. However, we do have a family suite which can accommodate up to four dogs from the same household. Our cat condos are designed for the comfort of one cat at a time, but if you have young cats or kittens you would like to board together, that is an option. Please contact our Client Care team for details and questions about your reservation.

Puppies and kittens are more than welcome at the Lodge! For your puppy or kitten to stay with us, we require them to be 16 weeks or older and have completed a full series of adult vaccinations no less than 72 hours before check-in. Puppies and kittens have an immature immune system, and this will likely be the first time they have been exposed to a lot of other animals. We recommend that you boost their immune system by giving them over the counter pro-biotics a few weeks before and during their stay. We will shower your little one with extra love and care, in addition to reinforcing good habits and social behaviors.

Puppy Care Includes:

    • Meals 3 times per day, as recommended by veterinarians for growing puppies. 
    • Multiple outside potty breaks daily to reinforce good housebreaking habits. 

Kitten Care Includes:

    • Meals 3 times per day, as recommended by veterinarians for growing kittens. 
    • Multiple play sessions daily. 
    • Socialization time with staff. 

Prior to dropping off your pet for boarding, please ensure their vaccination records are up to date in our system. These records can be requested from your vet and uploaded directly to your Owner Portal. Alternatively, you can ask your veterinarian to send them directly to us at

Your dog must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper-Parvo, Bordetella, and have a current negative fecal exam. We do not require the Canine Influenza vaccine, but we do recommend it. All cats must be current on their Rabies and Feline Distemper vaccines.

At the Lodge, we understand that every dog is unique and we aim to tailor our services to address their individual needs. This process starts with your dog’s comprehensive on-site assessment. Prior to their first day of boarding or daycare, we require a half-day visit to assess your dog’s socials skills with other dogs and humans, how well they tolerate enclosures, and their feeding habits among other observations. The assessment will also give you dog a chance to get to know us too. Within 48 hours after the assessment, we’ll email you a detailed report that will give you an overview of your dog’s behaviors and social skills.

This assessment begins by completing a Pet Profile form. This form gives us a detailed look at your dog’s social, behavioral, and health history.

To schedule an assessment for your dog, please complete our Assessment Form. Alternatively you can reach out to our Client Care team via our Contact Us page.

Finally, to speed up your check-in process we kindly ask for you to complete the sign-in and medication forms found in our FORMS page 24-48 hours prior to check in.

For boarding check-in, your dog must arrive no later than one hour before closing. Check-in prior to 2pm Monday-Saturday will incur an early check-in fee per dog. If you are dropping off less than two hours before closing, please feed and medicate your dog. This gives your dog time to settle in more comfortably and go potty before bedtime. If your dog is checked out after 12pm Monday-Saturday, an extended-stay fee per dog will be added to your bill. On Sundays, check-out starts at 2pm, and the extended-stay fee will be added after 4pm. 

While there is no early check in or extended stay fee associated with cats boarding, cats can check in no later than one hour before closing. If you are dropping off less than two hours before closing, please feed and medicate your cat.  

You can make a boarding request via your Owner Portal. Alternatively, you can reach out to us by phone, email, or by visiting our Contact Us page.

  • A deposit is required for all boarding stays.
  • If you cancel your boarding reservation prior to 2 days of the original check-in date (14 days for major holidays and high season), your boarding deposit will be held on your GBL account for one year and can be used for future services.
  • If you cancel within the 2 days (14 over major holidays and high season) of the original check-in date, your deposit will be forfeited.
  • Over major holidays and during high season if you shorten your stay by more than two nights, or where you are no longer boarding over the holiday, you forfeit your deposit.
  • Costs will result in a charge for the service to the credit card on file or a debit placed on your account. No other services will be scheduled or accepted until this debit is cleared from your account. 

We would love to give you a tour of the Lodge! We ask that you communicate with our Client Care team prior to your visit to ensure there is someone available to provide a tour. To organize a date and time, please contact our Client Care team directly via our Contact Us page.

We always recommend that you bring your pet’s usual food when they board with us. It is easier on your pet’s digestive system to keep their food consistent and doing so ensures that your pet’s stay is not negatively impacted by an upset stomach or diarrhea. We have a high-quality kibble from Pet Pantry at the Lodge that we can give your pet if needed. Our Pet Profile includes information on your pet’s usual diet and what to do in case of low appetite, upset stomach, or low food. We highly recommend you bring any enticements, such as broth or wet food, for your pet’s boarding stay.

Your dog’s accommodations include a veterinarian recommended Kuranda bed which is designed to keep dogs cool and comfortable while they sleep. While we do not normally accommodate crates, you are welcome to include your dog’s favorite small blanket in their luggage. If you have a puppy that you are trying to crate-train we ask that you bring theirs from home to go in the enclosure. 

We know that familiar toys or blankets can be a source of comfort for your pet while they stay in an unfamiliar place. We ask that you limit the number of items to two favorite things (toys, small blankets, etc.), and that you clearly mark them with your pet’s first name and last name. These two items must be able to withstand daily washing or sanitizing with our cleaning products. We advise you not to pack anything especially precious, as these articles may be lost or damaged during your pet’s stay in spite of our preventative efforts. If you pet’s item come in unlabeled, we will mark these items with their name in permanent marker. 

If your pet needs veterinary attention while in our care, we will first call you or your designated emergency contact to determine the best course of action. We will make every attempt to bring your pet to their regular veterinarian, but if your regular vet is not available we will take them to a vet of our choosing. In acute cases, we may transport your pet to an emergency veterinarian in our area. 

We do accept unaltered dogs with the following limitations: 

    • Any unaltered male who mounts excessively or shows dominant or aggressive behaviors will not be able to join group play.
    • Any unaltered female cannot return to the Lodge for any services until at least 30 days from the start of their last heat cycle.

We will inform any owner of the physical or behavioral changes we see in the off-leash play environments during lodging or daycare, but please consult your veterinarian for the best plan for you and your pet. 

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