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The Green Beagle Lodge believes that commitment and investment in our team is paramount to our success. Extensive training and continuing education opportunities keep our team up to date with leading industry techniques and standards. We constantly work to improve our care practices. Staff support and development is an important part of our Green Card Values and allows us to create long term career paths for our staff. Competitive pay and benefits packages are vital to improving our team’s performance and quality of life. 

Our benefits start by offering all full time employees the following:

David has been a part of the Green Beagle team for over 4 years and has worked in many positions around the facility during his time. David started with our facilities team, and then transitioned to our Pet Care team. Finally David joined our Client Care team where he has spent the past two years and is now a Client Care Manager!
David Graham
Client Care Manager
Tara has been a part of our Pet Care team since February of 2020, where she started as a Boarding Assistant. She has been promoted through many leadership positions, and is now the Yard Manager at our Chapel Hill location. While with us, Tara also demonstrated an aptitude for understanding canine behavior. Under the guidance of our Head Trainer and with support from Lodge, she has become one of our Lead Trainers focusing on daycare and group training programs.
Tara Angeletti
Yard Manager

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Departments & Responsibilities

Pet Care

Our Pet Care team ensures all pets at the Lodge have what they need to be happy, safe, and healthy! From feeding and medicating to play time and extra snuggles, they are here to ensure every visit is an excellent one for your pets.


Pet Care Manager
The Pet Care Manager is responsible for overseeing the total care of all pets assigned to their teams and aid their teams in their daily duties.

Yard Manager
The Yard Manager is responsible for overseeing off-leash play programs, including rotation schedules and play group assignments, for all dogs in daycare and boarding services.

Pet Technician
The Pet Technicians are responsible for the daily duties, health, and welfare of all pets in our boarding program.

Pack Supervisor
Pack Supervisors are responsible for leading a team to care for their assigned packs of dogs in the boarding or daycare programs

Pack Leader
Assists the Pack Supervisor with daily duties for their assigned packs and off-leash play groups.

Pack Member
Assists the Pack Supervisor with daily duties for their assigned packs. At times, Pack Members may assist other teams like Pet Technicians and Client Care with daily tasks.

Client Care

Our Client Care team is the heart of all client interactions and communications at the Lodge. The Client Care team is here to answer any questions you may have and to ensure our Pet Care teams have all the information they need to take the best possible care of your pets.


Client Care Manager
The Client Care Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily duties of our Client Care team.

Senior Client Care Associate
The Senior Client Care Associate is responsible for daily duties and aiding in training our Client Care Associates.

Client Care Associate
The Client Care Associates assist the Client Care team in daily duties including check in, check out, reservation management, maintaining client and pet records, and communicating with clients.

Lodge Liaison
The Lodge Liaisons are responsible for daily social media updates, client communications, and working with the Client Care team.


Our Grooming services are designed to pamper pets while maintaining their optimal skin and coat health.


Head Groomer
The Head Groomer is responsible for overseeing daily duties, scheduling, and assisting Staff Groomers.

Staff Groomer
Staff Groomers provide professional bathing and grooming services to dogs and cats while assisting the Head Groomer with daily duties.

Bathers provide professional bathing and departure services to dogs and cats.


Training is one of the best ways to strengthen the bond between humans and dogs, and our skilled trainers work with clients on obedience understanding of the dog’s and client’s needs.


Head Trainer
The Head Trainer is responsible for overseeing daily duties, scheduling, and assisting Staff Trainers.

Staff Trainer
The Staff Trainer provides professional dog training services and assists the Head Trainer in daily duties.


Our Facilities team ensures all parts of the Lodge are well maintained and ready for pets and staff alike.


Facilities Manager
The Facilities Manager is responsible for maintaining equipment, appliances, landscaping, and ensuring daily cleaning and sanitation are up to Lodge standards. The Facilities may work with outside vendors for various service needs.

Facilities Assistant
The Facilities Assistant is responsible for aiding the Facilities Manager with daily duties as well as cleaning and sanitization.

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Open Positions

Client Care Representative

Our Client Care Representatives are the heart of our client interactions. They are responsible for service reservations, client/pet record administration, as well as corresponding with clients via email and phone calls. 


Hourly Rate

$12.00 – $16.00


All full-time employees work on a set weekly/bi-weekly schedule. 

    4 – 10 hour shifts
    Monday to Sunday

Pet Care Representative

Our Pet Care Representatives are responsible for the care and supervision of all canine guests at the Lodge.


Hourly Rate

$12.00 – $14.00


All full-time employees work on a set weekly/bi-weekly schedule. 

    4 – 10 hour shifts
    Monday to Sunday