Owner Agreement Updates (2024)

The NC Department of Agriculture now requires all off-leash programs to have an annually renewed agreement for pet care services.

We will require a note from your veterinarian stating that lunch is a medical necessity for your dog if they are older than 1.5 years of age. The Lodge does not provide breakfast or dinner meals for daycare participants. Please ensure that your pet is fed at least 30 minutes before arrival. You are responsible for feeding them dinner after pickup, which we recommend providing no earlier than 30 minutes after departure from the Lodge.

  • For dogs, we will require a negative fecal test for worms, Giardia, and other parasites every 6 months. If your dog’s negative fecal test results are currently up to date in our system, this new policy will take effect from the time that their next fecal test is due.  
  • If your dog’s fecal test results were positive and they have completed treatment, you must provide two negative fecal test results, taken one week apart.  

All pets must be on a veterinarian-approved monthly flea and tick prevention program. Pets that do not engage in vet-approved flea and tick prevention will not be permitted to use our services, for the health and safety of all our guests.

We will now require a 50% deposit on all boarding services, whether or not they occur over the holidays or high season. 

  • If you need to cancel or modify any scheduled service for your pet, we require that you do so at least 48 hours (about 2 days) ahead of check-in 
  • Cancelling a service within 48 hours will entail associated penalties and fees. Late daycare cancellations will result in the removal of one day from a current Daycare Package or the charge for one day to your account.   
  • Costs will result in a charge for the service to the credit card on file or a debit placed on your account. No other services will be scheduled or accepted until this debit is cleared from your account. If you cancel your boarding reservation within 48 hours of your boarding stay, you will be subject to losing deposit placed on your boarding stay. If you cancel your grooming or training reservation within 48 hours, you will be subject to a $50 charge to your account.
  • If you cancel or modify your holiday or high season boarding reservation more than 14 days (about 2 weeks) before your original check-in date, your boarding deposit will be held on your account for one year and can be used for a future service. 
  • While we have always required an assessment for prospective canine guests and a reassessment for guests that have not used our services within the past 12 months, we have adjusted our language to better clarify our policies and have provided additional information to make clients aware that we do continue to evaluate our canine guests as they grow and change over time. You may review these policies below. 
  • In order to be considered for participation in our off-leash, group-play environment, your pet will first need to complete a daycare assessment. They will be continually evaluated by our staff as they participate in our services, and recommendations and requirements may be offered if your dog begins to develop new behaviors or changes in their health. If your dog has not utilized our services within the past 12 months, they must be reassessed before they can participate in boarding or daycare again. Dogs can experience a variety of changes in their temperament, physicality, and fortitude within the span of one year, so for your pup’s safety and the safety of our other canine guests, partaking in a reassessment is essential for their continued success at our facility.  

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