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Enrich and improve the relationship with your dog.

Canine Coaching

Training At The Lodge

At the Lodge, we believe that training is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond with your dog. Some dogs. Especially puppies, need guidance to learn the skills and controls they need to be happy and safe in your family and community. Inability to successfully interact with people and other dogs leads to frustration, worry and sometimes safety issues.

Introducing: The Academy

The Green Beagle Lodge Academy offers versatile training programs created to help owners recognize the meaning behind their dog’s behavior and to better understand their needs, thoughts and desires. Working together with one of our expert trainers, you can learn how to develop skills with your dog and strengthen your relationship. This ultimately leads to a better understanding of your dog and builds the foundation of obedience and canine good citizenship.


Training hinges upon confidence, persistence, and clear communication. Our academy will help you, as your dog’s guardian, to shape their behavior and bring out the best in them. A well-trained dog has fewer limitations when they learn how to be more trustworthy around children, strangers, other dogs, and personal property.


With flexibility in mind, we offer four different types of training: 

Group classes are a great way for both you and your dog to learn together! You will be coached by our expert trainers on how to teach your dog basic obedience behaviors as well as troubleshooting common training problems. Group class might be for you if you just need some help with the basics or are just getting started on training with your dog. A dog who is non reactive or aggressive to other dogs or people is a great fit for a group class.

Group class is also beneficial for many dogs because of the social contact and exposure they get to outside distractions from other dogs and people.

Group Class Pricing


(per 6 week class)

Private training can take place at either the Lodge, your home, or a public space and can be scheduled for daytime or evenings. Private training is especially beneficial if your dog has behavior issues you need help with like leash reactivity, resource guarding or another specific training issue.

Private classes may be a good fit for you if your dog is too fearful or aggressive for group classes or if your schedule doesn’t allow for group classes.

Private Training Pricing

1/2 Hour Session: $75.00
1 Hour Session: $125.00
+$50.00 for off-site visit

Daycare training allows our expert trainers to work individually with your dog while they are at the Lodge for daycare. This option is great for a dog who is having trouble learning good social skills with other dogs.

We highly recommend coupling this training with at least one Private Training lesson (at least ½ hour) to ensure sure you understand how to support your dog as they navigate interactions with other dogs. This can help you understand what your dog may be experiencing that is causing reactivity or aggression towards other dogs and help you with management and training skills to address those behaviors.

Daycare Training Pricing


Our Board & Train program is an intensive program designed to teach your dog basic manners and obedience skills while staying in the comfort of our Lodge. A two week Board & Train program is recommended to build a strong foundation that you can continue to build on after they go home. One week programs are also available.

Each Board & Train program begins with a phone call to discuss the training goals you would like to focus on, and to make sure your dog is a good candidate for this type of training. A private lesson marks the beginning of the Board & Train where you will discuss the training goals, and our expert trainers can begin the process of training your dog and go over their training process with you. While your dog is being trained at the Lodge, you will receive written updates detailing their training as well as training videos so you can see your dog learning.

After the two week Board & Train is completed, you will have a second private lesson during which our expert trainers will transfer the skills your dog has learned to you, and coach you in how to continue to reinforce the behaviors they’ve learned. A third private lesson will be scheduled two weeks after the end of the Board & Train to ensure that your dog is continuing their learning and to help you troubleshoot any training issues that have arisen after their return home.

Please reach out to our trainers at the Pittsboro location for more details or scheduling. They can be reached via our Contact Us page or at

Board & Train Pricing

$1500.00/2 weeks

(not including boarding costs)

A Class Fit For All

Our Group Classes

Puppies up to 16 weeks (4 months) will have the opportunity to engage in appropriate play during short group play sessions in class. This 6 week class will also cover basics of training such as name response, focus, housetraining, socialization, basic obedience and more! Dealing with common behaviors such as mouthing, jumping up and chewing will also be discussed.

Class size:

This 6 week class is perfect for the Adolescent dog (at least 5 months) who has completed Puppy Kindergarten, or the adult dog who needs some obedience training. We will be covering all your obedience basics: sit, down, stay, come when called and loose leash walking. You will also learn how to take your basic training further by starting to learn how to proof your dog’s training around distractions. Your dog will also be introduced to the basics of heel as well as some trick training for enrichment!

Class size:


– Dog participants must be current on their Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper-Parvo vaccinations, and have a current negative fecal exam.

This class is a great follow up to continue your dog’s obedience training after Beginner Obedience Foundations! You will work on your dog’s basic behaviors like sit, down, heeling, come when called, distraction proofing and improving duration and distance of the stay. Your dog will learn more manners such as polite greetings with people, passing a neutral dog, and we will cover some novice level tricks. We will work on all the skills needed to pass a Canine Good Citizen test which will be offered on the final night of class along with evaluation for the Trick Dog Novice title.

Class size:


Dogs must be at least 6 months old to attend this class, and Beginner Obedience Foundations is a prerequisite unless you have instructor approval.

– All canine participants must submit a Canine Profile as well as required vaccinations before start of class. Dogs should not be aggressive or leash reactive.

– Two humans per dog may attend.

Register Your Dog Today!

All classes are $175.00/dog and last 6 weeks. Please complete the form linked below to register your interest in attending a class. Our training department will reach out to you shortly to confirm their placement.

Interested in training? Open a chat, give us a call, or contact us online!

Thorough 2-Week Training

Board & Train

Our Board and Train program is an intensive program designed to address common behaviors and encourage a healthy, well-rounded family dog. Each Board and Train program can be designed around your family’s needs and your dog’s specific behaviors or can follow the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen program.

Each Board and Train is a minimum of two weeks, but programs can be customized and extended for each dog. Prior to the program starting, you will have an opportunity to meet with our trainers to explore you pet’s individual needs as well as discuss everybody’s goals for the 2 week period.

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